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CNC rotative transfer with 5 working positions suitable to work the head of the spoons and the end of the handles.

The pieces to be worked are manually placed into the loader, which loads one piece at a time on the rotating table. In the first working position the spoon is clamped, then the table makes a rotation taking the piece in the second working position where the flat milling on the head and the drilling of the end of the handle are performed. In the third working position the machine executes the dig on the head and the flat milling on the end of the handle. In the fourth position are milled the cup on the head and the half-round on the end of the handle. In the last working position, the spoon is automatically unloaded.

max. length of the piece 400 mm.
max. working length 140 mm.
max. working height  80 mm. 
max. working width 80 mm. 
Spindle diameter   25 mm. 
variable production 7-9 pcs./min.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "LCE/5"

  • Applications
    • Spoons