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CNC Transfer Machine with 16 axis designed for milling and sanding different type of handles with complex profiles like knife handles. The machine has a 4-position turning table, each of which performs: automatic loading, drilling and rough milling, finishing milling and sanding. Once the sanding is finished, the piece is clamped on the profile by means of a self-centering gripper, in order to allow the processing of the 2 ends. At the end of the cycle the piece is automatically unloaded.

max. working lenght 200 mm.
min. working lenght  80 mm.
max. working diameter 50 mm.
min. working diameter 10 mm.
tool rotation 10000÷18000 RPM
automatic loading and unloading

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "FLF/200"

  • Applications
    • Knife handles