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This machine has been manufactured to perform the automatic drilling, chamfering and the slot on the knife handles.
The machine is equipped with an automatic loader and a high precision rotary table with 5 working positions.
In the first position the piece is loaded by means of a vertical loader.
In the second position, it is performed simultaneously the drilling of the upper and lower side thanks two multiple boring heads, mounted on linear guides, each operated by a pneumatic cylinder and regulated by hydraulic speed regulator.
In the third and fourth position is performed a linear and conical slot for mounting the blade. Every circular blade is mounted on a electrospindle with 18000 RPM.
In the fifth position the piece is automatically unloaded.

max. width  40 mm.
max. length 180 mm.
min. length 80 mm.
variable production 500÷900 pcs./h.



  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "FMR/CP5"

  • Applications
    • Knife handles