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Automatic transfer to obtain from square blocks cut, bored and milled pieces with the desired diameter and lengthThe squared ledges cut at 1 meter length are put into the transfer loader. A pneumatic clamping device moves the squared bar forward to the required length. Once it arrives in the working position the bar is clamped, the drill executes the internal hole and a circular saw cuts the piece, while the pneumatic clamping device returns into the start position. Afterwards the cut piece is automatically driven to the milling cutter, where it is externally worked, with a round, oval, octagonal section, just changing the cam.

min. diameter  10 mm.
max. diameter 90 mm.
min. length 8 mm.
max. length  150 mm.
max. drilling diameter 30 mm.
min. production                                                                            300 pcs./h.


  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "FTF/C"

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