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The machine is suitable for cutting square, rectangular, round and triangular blocks starting from a bar having the same section. The work process is controlled by a CNC where shape and dimensions of the wooden block are set in order to calculate the working position. The bars already planned are manually put into the charger. At the beginning of the cycle the first bar is loaded and pushed by a brushless motor in the working area. There it is blocked at the desired length, a form cutter rounds the profile and a saw blade cuts it. Each cut block is automatically moved towards the polishing position where two brushes polish both the ends. At the same time the wooden bar feeds and a new cycle starts again.

Max length of the block 320  mm.
Min length of the block 32  mm.
Length of the bar 1200  mm.
Production  4-6 pcs./min.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "FLB/cnc"

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