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Machine suitable for executing dice starting from square bars. The process is controlled by CN where you set the bar width and die size. The already planed bars are placed manually into the loader. At the beginning of the cycle, the first bar is loaded and pushed by a brushless motor into a rotary head with self-centering clamp, where it is clamped to the desired size. Once the bar has been clamped, the head begins to rotate and a cutter performs the die profile; When the milling is finished, the die is cut off by a circular blade. After cutting the die, the bar moves forward and a new cycle begins.

Max. side dimension of the dice   55 mm. 
Miin. side dimension of the dice  20 mm. 
Length of the bar  560 mm. 
Production 4-6 pcs./min. 

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "FD/50"

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