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Automatic round rod milling machine for the production of straight and very slightly curved round sticks with constant diameter. The machine is particularly suitable for the production of broom and rake handles, tent-rods, chair and table legs, bed-parts, sun-umbrella, sticks and so on. Rattan, bamboo and plastic materials can be easily processed with the best result as well.

The machine can be equipped with:

  • automatic loader with a max. length of 2000 mm.
  • head to knurl the moulded piece with ø 8-10-12 mm.
  • variable head from 15 up to 65 mm. with 4 cutters
  • knife sharpening machine

min. diameter  10 mm.
max. diameter  60 mm.
min. length  400 mm.
max. length endless
variable production with variable speed driver 4-15 mt./min.
production with variable head 5-25 mt./min.


  • Loader Loader "TAU/60"

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "TAU/60"

  • Applications
    • Round sticks