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Automatic endshaping machine to work  both ends at the same time with round, half round and conical profile. With this machine it is also possible to make holes, conical and cylindrical dowels or partial milling operations with the reverse of the feeding, according with the specific requirements like the round handle of spoons and forks, garden tools, chairs and  furniture  components. The wooden pieces are manually put in the loader which feeds one piece at time in the working position. Once the piece has been clamped, 2 shaped tools, one on each side of the handle, will work the ends. At the end of the process the worked piece is automatically unloaded and a new piece is loaded.              

The machine can be equipped with:

  • self centring device
  • loader
  • tool for the internal thread
  • tool for the external thread
  • tool to mould 1/2 round
  • tool to drill

minimum lenght  50 mm.
maximum lenght  1500 mm.
maximum diameter 30 mm.



  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "2TSP"

  • Applications
    • Round sticks