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Excellent machine for the production of small wooden items such as dowels, trowel and paintbrush handles with oval, round, square, octagonal section, etc. The profile can be oval, cylindrical etc. Fully automatic machine of universal use, with three independent stations, working at the same time. On the first station, the piece is automatically loaded, and clamped between the tailstock and the tail centre. Then, it is driven to the second one, where the profiled cutter, mills it, while on the first station, a new piece is automatically loaded. As soon as the piece is worked it is driven to the third station where it is automatically unloaded.

longueur max.  150 mm.  
longueur min. 30 mm. 
diamètre min.  15 mm.
diamètre max.  105 mm.
production variable 240÷400 pcs./h.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "PRA/M15" paintbrush handle

  • Applications
    • Round paintbrush