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This machine has been manufactured to reach a high production capacity and a high precision in the finished pieces. It is suitable for the mass production of straight, conical and shaped pieces, such as hammers, paint-brushes, files and small legs for furniture, etc. According to the model, the items produced can have round, square, hexagonal, octagonal shape in several sections.
Fully automatic machine of universal use, with three independent working stations (driven by an hydraulic system), working at the same time. A tool support spindle, driven by a cam, is set up on each station in order to obtain (if necessary) a different section. The profile is obtained by using profiled cutters. 

The machine can be equipped with:

  • sanding group with belts

longueur max.  350÷500 mm.
longueur min.  15 mm.
diamètre min. 15 mm.
diamètre max. 105 mm.
production variable 240÷400 pcs./h.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "3FRA/M50"

  • Applications
    • Round paintbrush
    • Round brushes
    • Oval paintbrushes
    • Hammer handles