TAUS 2½cnc


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It is the ideal machine to produce sticks with cylindrical section and variable diameters such as billiard cues, broom, shovel, hoe, rake handles, chair legs etc. Machine with numerical control with 3 axes. This system allows to change the profile and the dimensions of the piece when necessary. It is possible to produce even few quantity of items without changing templates and cams. 

The machine can be equipped with:

  • pneumatic loader for straight pieces up to a length of 1400 mm.

min. diameter 18 mm. 
max. diameter  63 mm. 
diameters on request 10-40 mm. 
min. length of the piece  470 mm. 


  • caricatore caricatore "TAUS 2½cnc"

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "TAUS 2½cnc"

  • Applications
    • Shovel handles