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Machine with hydraulic feeding suitable to work the outside profile of flat paintbrush and knife handles, spoons, brushes, etc. The machine works with 2 cutters at the same time guided by a cam. After the milling process, the finished wooden products are automatically ejected. The working speed can be adjusted from 0 to 16 mt./min., a new automatic system has been designed, in order to reduce the speed in the most difficult points and then to bring it back to the previously set up value. The machine is available with 1 or 2 loaders and with belts or electro-spindles.

max. length of the piece  400 mm.
max. width of the piece  100 mm.
max. height of the piece  25 mm.
fixed tools rotation 12.000 RPM
spindle diameter  20 mm.
variable production 150÷500 pcs./h.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "DCS/L"

  • Applications
    • Flat paintbrushes
    • Brooms and Brushes