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Automatic CNC milling machine to work knife handles, paintbrushes, hairbrushes with round, oval, square, octagonal, hexagonal section, etc.

The machine is composed of a loader, one or two optional drilling units, a 6-position rotating table and 3 independent milling units that allow the simultaneous processing of 3 different profiles. The machine is equipped with a CAM system that allows the conversion of DXF drawings in ISO language with the possibility of performing the cutter compensation ,change the feeding and the rotation speed of the cutters.

The raw pieces are manually placed  in the magazine, which loads 1 piece at a time in the drilling position. At the end of this phase, the drilled piece is loaded on a high precision rotary table where the desired profiles are worked while a new piece is loaded in the drilling position. At the end of each cycle the pieces are automatically unloaded.

longueur max.  200 mm.
longueur min.  80 mm.
diamètre min. 15 mm.
diamètre max. 80 mm.
production variable 250÷400 pcs./h.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "3FRA/cnc"

  • Applications
    • Round paintbrush
    • Round brushes
    • Oval paintbrushes