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CNC milling machine for the production knife handles, hacksaw handles, brush, paintbrush handles etc. The machine is equipped with 4 heads in order to work both the external and internal profile and it has two working stations which allow to mill two elements at the same time.
The pieces to be worked are manually placed into two loaders each one of them brings 1 piece on the working table. At this point the pieces are clamped on one side, the loaders go back to the staring position and two cutters mounted on to slides driven by a CN make the working on one half of the profile. At the end of this working, the pieces are clamped on the already milled side and the cutters mill the other half of the profile. Once the milling of the external profile is completed, two more cutters perform the milling of the internal profile. At the end of the cycle, the pieces are automatically unloaded, while the loaders bring two new pieces in working position.

max. working lenght  400 mm.
max. working width 150 mm.
max. thickness  30 mm.
tool rotation  12000÷24000 PRM
production 4÷6 pcs./min.
automatic loading and unloading

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "FBI/2C4T/4X15cnc"

  • Applications
    • Saw handles
    • Brooms and Brushes