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Milling machine with numerical control suitable to process the internal and external profiles of wooden brushes. With this machine it is possible to mill knife handles, hacksaw handles and paintbrushes. It is provided with two working positions, that allow to work two elements at the same time.

The rough pieces are manually placed into the loaders: each loader feeds 1 pieces into the working position. At this point the pieces are clamped on one side and the loader goes back to the start position. Two tools, mounted is on a slide driven from a CNC work half profile. At the end of this operation the pieces are clamped on the opposite side and the tools work the other half profile. At this point the second tools go down and work the internal profile. When the pieces have been worked, they are automatically ejected and the loader brings new one.The machine is equipped with "Z" axis, which allows to realize the internal profiles.

max. working lenght 300 mm.
max. working width  100 mm.
max. working thickness 50 mm.
tool rotation 18000÷24000 RPM
production for knife handles 4÷8 pcs./min.
automatic loading and unloading

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "FBI/2C2T/3X1cnc"

  • Applications
    • Brooms and Brushes