REVO 2.0


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This automatic line has been designed for milling shaped knife handles up to 5 different profiles with round, oval and irregular sections. The line is composed of 3 machines all connected together, one heading machine, one CNC milling machine with 13 interpolated axes (5 linear axes and 8 rotatives axes) and one finishing machine. The whole line is controlled by an industrial PC with "Linux" system, 15” touch screen monitor, internet connection for remote assistance, USB device to load and unload files. The program allows to load the handle profiles in DXF format, and then the cutter path is automatically created by the program according with the set parameters like the cutter diameter, number of piece rotation, rpm of the piece.



max working lenght 150 mm.
max working width 55 mm.
max working thickness  55 mm.
cutters rpm 11.000 RPM
shaft Ø  30 mm.
variable production from 240-360pz./h.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "REVO 2.0"

  • Applications
    • Knife handles