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This CNC milling machine is suitable for mass production of objects milled on three sides like knife handles, flat paintbrush handles and different shapes. The machine has two working positions, each one is composed by two loaders and two independent clamping devices, and one milling unit, which is composed by two spindles, everyone works one piece. The working cycle is very simple: while 2 pieces are loaded in the first position other 2 pieces are worked in the second position. That means that you do not have downtime. 
IMPORTANT: the electro spindles are moving and not the pieces.

max. length 200 mm.
max. width  100 mm.
max. height 30 mm.
max. tool diameter  80 mm.
tool rotation 3000÷18000 PRM
pieces worked at the same time 2
production (for pieces l. 100mm 10 seconds for working cycle) 12 pz./min.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "FMC/cnc"

  • Applications
    • Knife handles