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This CNC milling machine is suitable to work paintbrush handles. The pieces are positioned into the loader, which loads 10 of them on the holder slide, where they are clamped. Two slides for the tools, positioned on the left and right side of the piece holder, work at the same time by executing the required profile. At the end of this operation two other slides, equipped with a pad, paint the milled profile. Then the slide goes back to the start position, where the new pieces are loaded, while the finished pieces are unloaded. The three slides (piece holder slide=axis X, tool slide for left profile=axis Y, tool slide for right profile=axis Z) are controlled by a computer with three interpolated axes with point-to-point system. 

max. working length  400 mm.
max. working width 100 mm.
max. working height 25 mm.
max. diameter of the tool 80 mm.
tools rotation  6000÷18000 RPM

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "DCS/Lcnc"

  • Applications
    • Flat paintbrushes