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New automatic line for the production of wooden spoons.
The line consists of three machines: a milling machine to mill the outside profile, a moulding machine to work the round handle and a milling/ sanding machine to work the concave and convex side of the spoons.
At the beginning of the cycle, the blanks are loaded manually in the loader that loads 6 pieces at a time on the milling machines where they are clamped. At this point 4 cutters (2 roughing and 2 finishing) work the external profile of the spoon. At the end of this operation the spoons are automatically unloaded by a gripper and loaded in the double moulding machine. Thanks to a second gripper, 2 spoons at a time, are loaded on a high precision rotary table and brought in front of the 2 moulding heads, where the round handles will be worked. At the end of this process, each spoon is moved on the last machine where it is milled and sanded on the concave and convex side.

The whole process is managed through a PLC, where it is possible to set the number of workpieces to be machined, and the milling speed.

Max. length of the spoon  500 mm. 
Min. length of the spoon  200 mm. 
Production 17 pcs./min.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "LC/500"

  • Applications
    • Spoons
    • Special Machines