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Automatic line to produce broom handles complete with round end, thread, hole and label. The line consists of: double trimming unit complete with loader, one rod milling machine model "TAU/60 a sanding machine model" 2LU/100 ", a roller conveyor for the extraction of the handles, double end-milling machine model "2TS/P", a drilling unit and a labelling machine. At the beginning of the cycle the square bars are manually put into the loader, which feeds them one behind the other towards the two circular blades where they are all cut at the same length. At the end of this operation each piece is automatically loaded into the rod milling machine, then in the sander and finally on the end-milling machine where they will be drilled and half round milled on one side and threaded on the other side. At the end of the cycle the labels are applied to the handles.

min. diameter  10 mm.
max. diameter 60 mm.
min. length  600 mm.
max. length 2000 mm.
production with variable head 5-10 mt./min.


  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "LBE/2000"

  • Applications
    • Shovel handles