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Machine suitable to grind/satin very curved or straight tubes with round or oval section made of steel, aluminium, brass, etc. The pieces to be grinded are placed between the sanding belts and start feeding while the belts turn around the piece.

The machine can be equipped with:

  • variable speed driver to modify the speed of the sand belts
  • pneumatic clamping device for short pieces
  • self braking motor for the flywheel


min. diameter straight pieces  5 mm.
max. diameter straight pieces 30 mm.
min. radius of curvature for pieces with Ø max 30  100 mm.
abrasive belt development  500x30/50 mm.
net weight 140 kg.


  • inverter inverter
  • pneumatic clamping pneumatic clamping

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "2LU/30"

  • Applications
    • Curved tubes