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Machine suitable to grind/satin cylindrical and straight tubes with round or oval section made of steel, aluminium, brass, etc. The pieces to be grinded are placed one behind the other on the introduction rolls that make them feed between the belts. The piece feeds with the desired speed without turning.

The machine can be equipped with:

  • automatic belt-opening device with photocell
  • motorized group extraction rolls
  • rest for short pieces
  • variable speed driver to change the speed of the sanding belts
  • pneumatic cylinder connected with the photocell to open the introduction rolls
  • piece-reversing system
  • automatic group centralized lubrication
  • loader for straight pieces with a length between 1500 mm. and 6000 mm.

min. diameter  5 mm.
max. diameter 130 mm.
min. length of the piece 650 mm.
max. length of the piece   unlimited
variable production with variable speed driver 3-15 mt./min.
net weigth  970 kg.

  • loader loader
  • Device complete with photocel Device complete with photocel
  • inverter inverter

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "2LU/130"

  • Applications
    • Straight tubes