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The machine is suitable to polish flat metal surfaces made of iron, steel, brass, aluminum etc… The piece is manually loaded on the table and blocked by means of a vacuum system. Pushing the START button the table holding the piece starts to move back and forth for the number of cycle formerly settled. At the same time the brush approaches the piece and starts polishing it. Pressure and working speed can be adjusted during the working process and by means of a switch it is possible to make the piece swing or keep it still. At the end of the working process the piece is automatically unblocked.

max. length of the piece  400 mm.
max. width of the piece  400 mm.
max. height of the piece  50 mm.
brushes Ø  200/350 mm.
suction point Ø  120 mm.
brushes rotation speed 2800 RPM
working speed 0-16 mt./min.
table oscillation 14/min.
net weight 950 kg.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "LSP/400"

  • Applications
    • Flat surfaces