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Machine with numerical control suitable to polish sheets and round, square, rectangular, oval bars, made of  steel, brass, etc.

The bars are clamped between one centre and one tailstock. It is possible to work 4 bars at the same time. Pushing the start button, the brush approaches the bars, and starts to feed, polishing the first side of the bar, at the selected pressure. When the first side has been completely polished, the bar rotates automatically of 90° and the working cycle starts again, until all sides have been worked. With the CNC it is possible to adjust different brush parameters like: feeding speed, speed rotation, swinging, pressure on the bars, number of working steps, etc. The machine is equipped with Linux operating system, Lcd screen 10.5", clamping devices, high pressure gun and tank for liquid compound.

Min. working lenght 50 mm.
Max. working lenght  2500 mm.
Min. working Ø 5 mm.
Max. working Ø 100 mm.
Speed brush rotation 2800 RPM
Speed bar rotation 10÷50 RPM
Max. brush Ø   400 mm.
Max. brush thickness  450 mm.
Weight of the machine 2500 kg.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "4LDQ/25"

  • Applications
    • Flat surfaces