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This machine is suitable to polish the superior section of moulds for cutlery. The mould is manually placed on the working table where it is clamped. Then the operator closes the protection door, presses the button and the table holding the mould moves forward until it reaches the desired working point and the polishing process starts. While the machine works it is possible to manually increase or decrease the working pressure (that can be seen on an digital ammeter). It is also possible to set the number of passes desired or necessary in order to obtain the best finishing on the piece. The machine is equipped with PLC to program different works.


Max. width of the piece  100 mm.
Max. working width 50 mm.
Max. height of the piece  120 mm.
Max. working height  15 mm.
Max. length of the piece 300 mm.
Max. working length  250 mm.
Max. Ø of the brush  140 mm.
Min. Ø of the brush 100 mm.
Brush speed rotation 2800 RPM
Weight of the machine  400 kg.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "LSCF"

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