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CNC Automatic line to grind and satin internal and external surfaces of closed profiles with square, rectangular, oval and round section. The line is equipped with 3 abrasive units to work the internal surface and with 3 abrasive units to work the external one. Each unit can oscillate and it is equipped with brushless motors for a fast and easy setup. The pieces are automatically moved from one working station to the other thanks to self centring grippers and according to the pieces dimensions, it is possible to work up to 6 pieces at the same time.

max. height of the piece 140 mm.
external abrasive belt development 2500x150 mm.
abrasive belt speed 25 mt./sec.
Internal abrasive belt development 440/785 mm.
abrasive belt oscillation 20 mm.
max dimension of the piece 550x550x40 mm.
net weight  3200 kg.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "SSIE/6T"

  • Applications
    • Custom made