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This CNC machine is suitable for grinding and satin train axles radius. The axle to be grinded is placed and blocked on the lathe spindle. By means of the CNC it is possible to program all the parameters: the sections to be worked, the diameters, the working speed, the abrasive band pressure on the piece and the number of passages you want to make on each section. Each and every information will be memorized in a program of the CNC. Pushing on the start button the piece will start to turn and the abrasive band will perform all the previously programmed workings.

 max. working lenght 2500 mm.
 min. working lenght 500 mm.
max. working diameter 250 mm.
min. working diameter 100 mm.
abrasive belt development 2500 mm.
working speed 0÷16 mt./min.
peso netto  1450 kg.

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "SSA/cnc"

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