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Machine suitable to grind/satin straight and curved tubes with round or oval section made of steel, aluminium, brass, etc. The pieces to be grinded are placed between the sanding belts and start feeding while the belts turn around the piece.

Machine suitable to sand shovel, spade, pick, broom and umbrella handles, as well as oar poles, chair and table legs, tent-rods, bamboo and rattan sticks and so on. The pieces to be processed can be straight, slightly curved or shaped; round or oval in section. The main characteristic of this machine is that, the piece to be sanded feeds automatically without turning.

The machine can be equipped with:

  • temporized photocell to open the belts
  • pneumatic cylinder connected to the photocell to open the introduction rolls
  • automatic centralized lubrication group
  • motorized group extraction rolls

min. diameter of the piece  5 mm.
max. diameter of the piece  100 mm.
lmin. length of the peice  600 mm.
variable production with variable speed driver 4-22 mt./min.
abrasive belt development  2000x120 mm.
net weight  750 kg.

  • Horizontal loader for straight pieces Horizontal loader for straight pieces

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "2LU/100"

  • Applications
    • Shovel handles
    • Round sticks
    • Pick handles
    • Hammer handles