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The machine is suitable to work knife handles, hacksaw handles, brush and paintbrush handles, etc. To mill at the same time 2 groups of wooden pieces.
The rough pieces are placed into the loaders, each one feeds 1 piece on the working table. At this point the pieces are clamped on one side and the loaders go back to the start position. Two tools that are mounted on 2 slides driven by CNC, work half profile. At the end of this operation the working tables rotate of 180° and clamp the pieces on the other side and the tools work the other half profile. Once this operation is finished the pieces are automatically ejected and the loaders bring new pieces in the working position. The machine has a CAD program that allows to draw and to convert the drawings in ISO language, with the possibility to execute the tool compensation, the parameterization of the rotation speed of the tools and of the feeding.

max. diameter 200 mm.
min. diameter  50 mm.
max thickness 30 mm.
tool rotation  6000÷18000 RPM
production for knife handles 4÷8 pcs./min.
automatic loading and unloading

  • Example of samples produced Example of samples produced "FBI/2C2T/4X2cnc"

  • Applications
    • Saw handles
    • Knife handles
    • Brooms and Brushes