Automatic machine to drill, make the 2 flaring and the chamfer on the head of the paintbrush handle.


Automatic machine with 2 loaders to mill preshaped handles starting from small boards. Boards are automatically loaded and clamped on both sides. Then two cutters that are mounted on 2 slides driven by…


The machine is suitable to work paintbrush handles. The pieces are positioned into the loader, which loads 10 of them on the holder slide, where they are clamped. Two slides for the tools, positioned…


Machine with hydraulic feeding suitable to work the outside profile of flat paintbrush and knife handles, spoons, brushes, etc. The machine works with 2 cutters at the same time guided by a cam. After…


Automatic machine suitable to work the upper part of brushes, the outside cup of the spoons, the shaped parts of brooms, the oval grip of flat paintbrush handles and the profile of knife handles, etc.